Slide Lead With Respect We, at Finley’s Barber Shop, pride ourselves on the diversity of our employees and customers. It is our goal to create and maintain a safe and inclusive environment for everyone who comes through our doors. The Finley’s Barber Shop Family has been growing for more than 13 years, and in those years our world has progressed, and we as a company pride ourselves on evolving with the times. Finley’s policy is, and always has been, to lead with respect. We ask that you continue to support your local barbershops and salons, and support the industry professionals who are working hard, in masks, all day delivering an exceptional experience and who are just trying to provide for their families. A New Kind of
"Normal" Barbershop
Finley’s is now open and we’re thrilled to welcome you, and to get you back to NORMAL. We've been with you since the beginning, and we're here with you now. Prepare for your appointment: Client Guidelines

A New Kind of
Old-Fashioned Barbershop
For generations, the barber shop has represented a special place. We are dedicated to keeping that tradition alive through personalized, finely crafted barbering services.
Slide A Gentleman's Atmosphere Our goal is to create a relaxing experience from the moment you walk in the door. From cold beer in our comfortable waiting area to our hot towel treatment to the complimentary shoulder massage, we want to change the way you look at grooming. "I looked like a million gazillion bucks" "Honestly this has been the best experience that I have had ... It doesn't matter if you're 30 minutes away from this place or an hour away from this place make sure to book an appointment and make the drive out it is worth it 100%!" - Frank D. Self Care for the Modern Man It is widely accepted that self care is important to anyone's overall wellness. Gone are the days that men have to be embarrassed for taking good care of themselves and we can help you create a routine you can follow.

We've been with you since the beginning, and we're here with you now.

Stay Strong, Stay Determined, Stay Safe.

Finley’s is thrilled to welcome you back.  Masks are now optional, most of our locations are providing all services as well as complimentary beverages, and free edge-outs between cuts.  We’ll see you at the shop!!